About me

The basics…My name is Brittany Kidd and I am 25 years old. I currently live in Madison, WI and am enjoying the freedom that comes with being in your mid 20’s. Many years ago I fell in love with a boy and we decided to navigate through this life together. Since college, we both have worked hard in our respective jobs and are on the conventional path set out for us. But I can tell there is a fire burning from underneath our bums that is yearning for change. We have dreamed up many many ideas, so I am looking forward to seeing which dreams come to fruition.

More about me:

I like to enjoy a glass of red wine from a box while watching Friends or The Bachelor. I am the type of person who signs up for multiple half marathons a year, but then complains every time I have to go on a training run. I am an obsessive planner who has my schedule planned out weeks in advance and may get some anxiety when a wrench gets thrown in the plans. I can be awkward when attempting small talk with others. I am a hopeless romantic who loves love more than anything and gets disappointed every time I realize my life is not a romantic comedy. You’ll always find me listening to something on my Airpods, whether that is music or a good podcast. I am fascinated with psychology and learning about why people are who they are. My boyfriend, Marcus, doesn’t appreciate my interest in this subject as he is usually the person I am psychoanalyzing.

I’d say that about sums me up.

My passion for learning

In the last couple of years, I have found myself overwhelmingly interested in learning all of the things. That is a lot of things. So I have learned to take life one step at a time and soak up everything I can on the journey.

A quote I pondered recently said, “Anyone who isn’t embarrassed by who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.” I love that quote because when I started to care about learning, my life began to change drastically in front of my eyes. Slowly, every area of my life started to improve and since then, i have devoted a large portion of my free time to learning. Life is so complex and I want to make sure I leave this earth knowing as much as I can.