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    Our Love Story

    Warning: Gushy post alert. Five years ago today, I started dating this amazing human being! I am so grateful to have met such a caring, smart, & inspiring person. Now, I am not saying our relationship has been butterflies and rainbows. We were not together one of those five years, but I can truly say we are currently right where we’re supposed to be. Throughout our time together, we learned what building a long-term relationship looks like and now understand it takes a heck of a lot more work than we thought. Every day, we have to practice patience and communication at the ultimate level. This means that we are…

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    Traveling on a Budget

    In recent years, I have gained a lot of interest in traveling. I used to be the girl that would spend money on the materialistic things rather than on experiences. I would actually say, “why would I spend money on something that will eventually end, when I could buy a pair of shoes that will last years?” Thankfully I learned early on that is not the way I want to live. The feeling of purchasing things is great in the moment, but it goes away faster than it takes me to put the shoes away. Growing up, I never took trips or vacations anywhere, so I didn’t really know what…