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My name is Brittany and I am just your average 24-year-old, trying to figure out how to get the most out of life and travel as much as possible. #HardlyUnique, I know.

Since college, I have really started to take an interest in personal development and learning as much as I can. This inevitably has led me to listening to podcasts, reading books, and journaling in my spare time. The knowledge I am gaining gets me so excited about the world and the opportunity available to us all. As I continue my journey of self-discovery and growth, I hope to slowly gain the courage to take risks and learn what opportunities there are for people like me in this world. So lately I have been trying this new thing, that if there is an opportunity presented to me that creates a knot in my stomach from the thought of it, I say YES! My favorite quote I heard recently is “feel the fear and do it anyways.”

At the same time, I want to continue having a kick-ass time and enjoying the fruits of what life has to offer.

Follow along and have some fun with me!

2020 Mantra: Be Authentic.

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